Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Floorboards and fences

So floorboards are in, and our temp fencing came down earlier this week, and our real fences have been started already posts went in yesterday. Have bought paint for kids feature walls, and all quotes for major post handover jpbs have been done.
PCI soon

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


my brothers are soooo awesome here is the letterbox they have built us - ready and waiting...something positive.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

End of Chrissy Break

Finally the builder chrissy break is over - a few things got done - but not a huge amount...
but will try focus on the positives.

Kitchen benchtop was installed some point last week I think - is covered at the moment so cant see it well - cant wait to get inside and have a proper look, paint is mostly done on the inside - there is still issue with understair door which will need to be painted once sorted.

Alarm sensors have been installed and some of the heating ducts have been fitted though not others - another job which has been weirdly half finished...

Tiles have been delivered so hoping that means tiling will be started Monday - really would love to know handover dates so we know what we need to tell estate agents for rental...

Sorry no pics as yet they are stuck on my old phone...

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Forgot to post - we placed our blind order before they went on chrissy break and we did go with the colour from the earlier post - with double roller (inc escreen) on front 2 windows and the panel glides over sliding door - so hopefully that means we wont be the house with newspaper for weeks or anything - but having paid the deposit they said the order them and then keep them onsite till one main thing on the list - after SS is back I will see about getting some concreter onsite for quotes for driveway and big side of property. so that that can be lined up ready to go fairly soon too...


ok so dec saw fix stage complete on about 20th dec when I took these pics - front of house still hasn't been rendered, but garage is finished and plastered as is alfresco.

Since these pics paint has been done inside - they worked over chrissy week, I have peeped in windows but not taken any pics as yet, looks all painted inside and pretty happy with how it looks though its hard to tell through windows but colours appear right - the walls are calcium which is a cool white (darker than ceilings) and doors skirts etc are magnesium which is a pale grey. so looks very stark at the moment which is fine should hopefully come together well with floor covering etc.

wont know much of what's scheduled till SS is back but will go past most days and have a look at whats happening...I believe other trades are booked for while he is away too.

so excited for 2014 - will be busy but not like its any different :P

Saturday, 30 November 2013


lots of Pics

from top to bottom
1. Laundry (maynot look impressive but there was a method behind my changes, space for wm and alfresco drinks fridge)
2+3. Kitchen (need to chat about rhs overhead cabinets, not quite lined up with bulkhead unsure if that's plaster problem or cabinet problem)
4. Powder room - this room gets no natural sunlight and you can tell the difference but quite happy with how this looks)
5+6. Master ensuite, with close up view of the bench, Vulcan stone (colour name) laminate benches and powder white cabinets throughout house except kitchen which will have essastone in French black.
7. Kids bathroom.

other bits and pieces coming along slowly, still waiting for hebel to be fixed out front before house render can be finished