Monday, 16 September 2013

yay Roof!

hey ma - how cool is this...

travelator in action ;)

2nd pic is at about lunchtime and the 2 last pics are at 3:15 they were putting up ridge capping...dropped donuts for the fellas - they had done a great job.


  1. Hi,

    My name is Marty and my wife and I are building a Marina 41 in Ballarat. The site cut has been done and slab should be next week.

    it is great to see your photos of the progress of your house because, as you know, without a display house with PD, it is difficult to envisage.

    I look forward to your updates,



  2. Hi Marty,

    we found it difficult to go with a house that you couldn't walk around but in the long run better access to the back yard and more parking for the kids down the track won out, and there are a few things about it that I prefer now as time goes by - like the laundry off back - we had originally wanted it near garage but am really glad we went with the trough in the middle of the laundry so we can have drinks fridge right on hand for the alfresco...

    did u make many changes?

  3. Yes, we made quite a few changes;
    - triple garage with workshop on the back
    - moved the fridge space out of the pantry and they built a space into the corner of the rumpus/ lounge for easier access, complete with water tap. Seen it on another blog a while ago.
    - ensuited bedroom 3 and made bedroom 5 access to bathroom through WIR.
    - put a window into the lounge room
    - put a door onto the rumpus for a theatre room
    - Spa option for master
    bit and pieces in other upgrades.

    been a long process, had a few issues with PD, just cant wait to get it going!!