Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Site Start!

Yay! We received a phone call at lunchtime yesterday from a man (who I think is our SS but I was too excited to catch his name...anyway he was calling to tell me they were just about to break ground.
I patiently waited (ok i'll admit impatiently) for mark to finish work and the kids to finish school and we drove round to have a look we saw the big bobcat thingy was about half way through.
drove past again today after school with the kids and they had obviously finished what they hadn't yesterday and there were different levels cut into certain areas for the step down of things like the porch + alfresco, and the garage (which has a step down but a smaller one than the p+A)

so 2 days down hopefully less than 236 to go :)
and they have delivered what they have said so far - site scrape was due to start yesterday so hopefully weather co-ops and we will have a slab next Friday...
will do my best to update every Wednesday work dependant of course.
Happy days

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  1. I love the timber slats protecting the driveway. They told us at a Knockdown rebuild meeting that they don't use those anymore due to OH&S issues!
    All the best from here on in....