Monday, 1 July 2013

Colour Selection

We were on a family holiday in Philip island during the week our color and electrical appointment was scheduled. As we didn't want to delay a start date i drove up for the appointment with our oldest and had my mum come meet so i could show her what we had selected for the house. As we had been to Hometown Interiors a couple of times i knew whatwe wanted to choose for everything anyway. It went great took about an hour all up. It definitely helps to know exactly what you want toAND what you can afford! I am very thankful we included most upgrade costs in tender so i knew what we could select. I think mum enjoyed seeing what we had picked and it sure helped me having someone to spend time with while we waitedfor e Electrical appointment which wasn't till after lunch. In our usual style we picked all whites and grey and blacks for the house. I just don't have the beige tones in me we Picked a splash of green to brighten things up and hopefully it will look clean and fresh -even if only for a week! I was actually quite pleasantly surprised with electrical costs especially when you don't use downlights it came in under budget by quite a bit even after adding a few things we hadn't thought of. So winning all round at the moment.

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  1. Oooh, fabulous colour choices, very similar to us.