Friday, 9 August 2013


So slab wasn't poured today - though even if the site had been ready the weather wouldn't have today.

but I think we must be a few days behind - I did get an email to say it should be 13th now due to weather delays.

I think maybe something else may have held them up either materials or manpower as since the power to the site went in on tues nothing much has changed at the site. there is still prep and plastic and formwork and steel and the waffles to be delivered and laid before the slab can be poured so I think Tuesday maybe a little ambitious unless they are planning on working on Saturday...feels like waiting for an overdue baby :P

It was more frustrating that on wed and thurs when we had good weather nothing much happened, but to be honest patience is not my strong point so if I learn some then that's great too.

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  1. Hi Claire, I would go and check today... We just went past ours and they were doing it today...! We died of shock seeing them there on a Saturday!