Sunday, 25 August 2013

I have realised through this process I need to learn to be way more patient...
so I am trying to be - but will admit its hard.

here is some pics from Monday just gone - lots of deliveries...

one big pile of wood...

another big pile of wood :P

external doorframes - front door with our lovely rice paper glazing on top :)

end of Tuesday - bottom storey laid out.

Wednesday they spent cutting for framing on Thursday which finished like this

by the end of Friday they had the bottom storey almost completely finished - and hats off to the fellas when we went past today on sunday they had finished the last little bits and pieces and installed the smaller of the steel beam supports in prep for the crane which is coming tomorrow I believe to lift the larger steel post and some of the second floor joists - I haven't taken pics since will post some more in a few days.

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