Saturday, 30 November 2013


lots of Pics

from top to bottom
1. Laundry (maynot look impressive but there was a method behind my changes, space for wm and alfresco drinks fridge)
2+3. Kitchen (need to chat about rhs overhead cabinets, not quite lined up with bulkhead unsure if that's plaster problem or cabinet problem)
4. Powder room - this room gets no natural sunlight and you can tell the difference but quite happy with how this looks)
5+6. Master ensuite, with close up view of the bench, Vulcan stone (colour name) laminate benches and powder white cabinets throughout house except kitchen which will have essastone in French black.
7. Kids bathroom.

other bits and pieces coming along slowly, still waiting for hebel to be fixed out front before house render can be finished

1 comment:

  1. Hi Claire
    Everything looks fabulous, your stone tops look amazing. Will be great to see it all tiled etc.
    Re your RHS cupboards (can't see it in the photos), we also at first thought it strange with the bulkhead over the cupboards but realised when I looked back at all the display photos, that this is how PD do it. The bulkhead is lined up with the outside edge of the cupboard door and then outside of this is the edging of the cupboard, therefore it sits out about 20mm from the bulkhead. You will see photos of our place on my blog too. Hope that helps.