Sunday, 29 December 2013


ok so dec saw fix stage complete on about 20th dec when I took these pics - front of house still hasn't been rendered, but garage is finished and plastered as is alfresco.

Since these pics paint has been done inside - they worked over chrissy week, I have peeped in windows but not taken any pics as yet, looks all painted inside and pretty happy with how it looks though its hard to tell through windows but colours appear right - the walls are calcium which is a cool white (darker than ceilings) and doors skirts etc are magnesium which is a pale grey. so looks very stark at the moment which is fine should hopefully come together well with floor covering etc.

wont know much of what's scheduled till SS is back but will go past most days and have a look at whats happening...I believe other trades are booked for while he is away too.

so excited for 2014 - will be busy but not like its any different :P

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