Saturday, 8 June 2013


We had our Tender appointment on Monday just gone - I had heard awful awful things about these kind of meetings so had tried to mentally prepare myself for the worst - and had been practising my composed face for when were heard back regarding what site costs were.

Well like everything else so far everything fell into place nicely despite my worrying :)

The site costs was well within our extra allocation of funds so was our council oh+s costs too.
When doing our original sales quote with our SC from Porter Davis (who was lovely by the way) we had scored ourselves a sweet voucher to spend at Hopetoun Interiors which is where you pick all your house fittings and colours.

I had spent a fair few hours reading others blogs and getting an idea on upgrade costs for certain things we wanted upgraded so that we could prioritise what we could afford to do with the voucher we had be given. But a lot of upgrades are house dependant so I asked our BC (building co-ordinator) for quotes for certain upgrades - she advised she would have these costs at the tender appointment for us and credit to her every single one had been remembered and included so we could pick and choose which we wanted to include.

Great news of the day? we could do every one of our upgrades from Hopetoun with the voucher with a bit to spare which was great as I forgot to upgrade all cabinet handles to cat 2 ones which we can still do :)

The whole meeting took less than 2 hours...and they didn't even mind that we made them wait an extra few days till we paid them as the old house hadn't settled yet.

So our main voucher upgrades are.

  1.  Cat 3 essastone to kitchen benchtops instead of cat 1 in promo pack (so glad as the colours we liked didn't start till cat 3) 
  2. Kitchen glass splashback instead of tiled
  3. Basic upgrade to front door including ricepaper glazing to door and sidelights and upgraded lever entry set.
  4. Sectional Garage door with remotes instead of standard roller door.
  5. Upgraded all basins, toilets and changed taps in showers and bath to mixer style
  6. Carpet underlay
  7. Pot drawers to either side of oven
am sure I have forgotten a few.

We also have promotions packs we opted for when we did our original sales quote
they are
  1. Flooring pack - bolero timber laminate to main entry and living area and carpet to rest of house.
  2. Kitchen upgrade - cat 1 essastone, overhead cupboards, bigger oven, dishwasher and a few other bits and pieces.
  3. Function Fancy - flyscreens, window locks, extended laundry benches internal access door, shower rail to ensuite etc.
  4. Hebel Promotion - house is built out of hebel panels (airrated concrete) and then the entire house is rendered.
The structural choices we made are
  1. Provide eaves to entire second story not just façade.
  2. Upgrade to Dalgety façade
  3. Provide rear Alfresco.
and a few other minor changes - the house was pretty spot on so not much needed doing.

this is the Dalgety façade on the 42 ours is a bit different no windows on the left hand side and ours will be all render no brick and stone but we will have the white cladding top which I really quite like now :)

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