Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tile Selection

Appointment yesterday was very straightforward as we have opted for floorboards through the main part of the house and carpet - so was only wet area we had to do :)

And due to some valuation issue with bank which we are trying to sort out we wanted to keep strictly to cat 1 tiles so I didn't bother to look too hard at the shiny ones we passed.

Not a great pic sorry - but essentialy the big black tile is the floor tile - Simplicity Nero I believe its called (400x400) the white wall tile (200x400) is exactly like we had at the Whitsunday house for our walls and its a good tile :) the green glass "Zest" mosaic is for in the 2 shower niches - the only feature tiles we will have anywhere in the house.

The balcony will be tiled in the external version of the floor tile - feels a little like sandpaper...

Grout is white for walls and gunmetal grey for floors which is nice and dark and hopefully wont show the dirt :)

All falling into place nicely at the moment and we were in and out of the appointment in just over an hour not bad considering the couple building their first house next to us were fighting over choices as we left and their house was only half the size admittedly I wanted the same tiles and colours throughout the house...

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