Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Landscaping PLans

We are meant to submit a rough landscaping plan when we go to our contract appointment in 2 weeks so here is what we have put together - it is in pencil so maybe hard to make out but was fun to do.

We hope to have a deck path from front of porch to footpath and in front of the study window with garden bed on either side and letterbox on west of this decked path so at no point can it be run over near the driveway :P
We are going to ask brother Mark to build us beautiful wood gates like we had at the Whitsunday house. Behind which will have access to the eventual man shed in the northwest corner of the yard. Will build garden beds along the north and east fences with Bamboo to create a screen for some privacy in the back yard.
We also want to eventually deck over the concreted alfresco extending the full width of the back of the house to have a larger outdoor entertaining space.
These projects will be done in stages as we can afford but hopefully the entire yard work will be completed in 3 years from when we move in.


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